ARD Heat Exchanger (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is the authorized production plant of the British ARD Group in China, focusing on the development and production of detachable plate heat exchangers. ARD Erics specializes in the production of detachable plate heat exchangers (PHE), heat exchanger gaskets (PHE GASKET), heat exchanger plates (PHE PLATE) and the provision of plate heat exchanger maintenance services (PHE MAINTENANCE). Heat exchanger manufacturers.

The ARD Jiangsu plant is dedicated to the localization and localization of high-quality heat exchangers using British ARD production technology and processes. ARD has excellent design and production technology and comprehensive heat exchanger expertise. ARD has always been committed to providing high quality plate heat exchangers for customers in various industries, operating well in various industries, and ARD has developed into a detachable type. Professional manufacturer in the field of plate heat exchangers.

ARD is also a professional supplier and maintainer of plate heat exchanger accessories (heat exchanger plates and heat exchanger gaskets). Ability to provide world-renowned brands (including: SPX/SPX, Ampere/APV, GEA/GEA, TRANS/TRANTER, SWEP/SWEP, Sanders/SONDEX, Apple Smith/API.Schmidt Nearly 2000 types of plate heat exchanger plates of different models, such as Fengkai/FUNKE, Samoweifu/Thermowave, Vikpo Vicarb, Donghe Entai/DONGHWA, Axon ACCESSEN, MULLER, FISCHER, REHEAT, etc. And gaskets, ARD has achieved an alternative to various brands of plate heat exchanger accessories. Plate heat exchanger customers in dozens of countries around the world are using heat exchanger accessories from ARD or receiving ARD maintenance services (including maintenance services such as regular cleaning, repairs and replacement parts).

No matter where you are, no matter what special requirements you have, ARD can provide you with system solutions in the field of plate heat exchangers.
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