Large pitch/wide gap plate heat exchanger

Product description:
The large pitch/wide gap plate heat exchanger can be customized to your application and media type and is rich in particulate components. A suitable choice for applications with thick or high viscosity media. It features a unique coarse corrugated design for media with solids, crystals, fibers and pastes, as well as high viscosity media. It fills the special medium condition that the herringbone corrugation can not be applied, and because of its good heat exchange performance, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain, it can be widely used in the sugar, paper and food and juice industries.

The free-flow mode of the contactless plate channel prevents fouling and clogging by providing sufficient space for the medium to flow and maintain efficient heat transfer. Efficient heat transfer and extended cleaning time ensure complete process operation, low downtime and good economics.

The runner design obtains a good material split, and the plate has no dead zone.
Ultra-wide flow channels are capable of passing large diameter particles.
No contact guarantees that the wall will not be blocked.

Application range:
Capacity range: 0.1m3/h to 1500m3/h
Operating pressure: ≤1.6MpaG
Operating temperature: ≤150°C
Plate material: stainless steel 304, 316L, Ti, Ti-Pd, 904L, SMO254, Hastelloy, nickel Ni
Gasket materials: NBR, EPDM, HNBR, FKM (VITON-A, VITON-B, VITON-G).

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