Plate evaporator

Product description:
Plate evaporator plates are manufactured for applications involving temperature sensitive or precision media and perform well in multi-stage evaporation of highly concentrated products. Based on the advantages of the plate heat exchanger, a high-efficiency energy-saving plate evaporator is developed, and a special corrugated plate type produces high-intensity turbulence, which has high efficiency and economical operation compared with the conventional tube-and-tube evaporator. In terms of energy saving, it can carry out countercurrent heat transfer evaporation and greatly close the temperature difference between the two ends. To increase or decrease the capacity, it is only necessary to add or remove the plate group on the existing frame.

In addition to providing a separate plate evaporator, a complete turnkey system is also available to make your work easier. Choose a different evaporation method depending on the initial investment and energy consumption, and strike a balance between investment and economic operation.

Countercurrent heat transfer small end difference.
Reasonable material diversion to improve product quality.
A leaking observation groove is designed in the circulation area.
Meets the health level 3A standard.
Long-life food grade gasket FDA.
Save space and installation costs.
Low energy consumption indicators, economic operation.
Easy to expand and clean.

Application range:
Capacity range: 0.1m3/h to 50m3/h
Operating pressure: ≤3.5MPa
Operating temperature: ≤300°C
Plate material: stainless steel 304, 316L, Ti, Ti-Pd, 904L, SMO254, Hastelloy, nickel Ni.

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